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Fight Ignorance with Knowledge with Dina McMillan

Join me on my #Perspectives podcast with Dina McMillan, a sociologist and social psychologist passionate about overcoming domestic violence and racism in the world.

We discuss:

- Fighting Ignorance with Knowledge

- Universal Manipulation Tactics

- Critical Race Theory

Dina McMillian graduated from Stamford University with a PhD in the nineties and is one of the smartest women you will come across. My conversation with Dina was far reaching. A lot of the work she does now is in programs and discourse around Critical Race Theory and Domestic Violence. We discussed the systemic racism that Dina faced in her time at Stamford University and the empowerment her mother gave her to fight ignorance with knowledge. Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech was a pivotal moment in both of our lives. To judge a person by their character rather than the colour of their skin was a value we shared together passionately.

We explored everything about domestic violence, from vulnerability, pleasure and pain to the tactics and backgrounds of abusers. Dina set me straight on some of the naive ideas I had around abusers.

Finally we finished with Critical Race Theory, the implications it has on our society as a whole and the ramifications of anti racist training and shaming.

In the podcast we explore together:

6:00 Social Psychology

10:00 Systemic Racism at Stamford in the 90's

12:20 Fighting Ignorance with Knowledge

21.04 Martin Luther King Jr.

28:00 Resilience equals Survival

32.16 Domestic Violence from the Social Psychologist Point of View

52.10 Telltale Signs of an Abusive/Manipulator.

1.12.00 Critical Race Theory

1.31.00 Bias is Natural and Normal

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