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Don't Waste a Good Crisis with Kristina Karlsson

“Don’t waste a good crisis, that could be the way for you to live your dream, Just Go for it” (Read this twice)

Join me on my #Perspectives podcast with Kristina Karlsson, the Founder and Creative Director of global Swedish design and stationery business, kikki.K where we share:

- The importance of starting before you’re ready,

- The value of being optimistic and learning from the mistakes,

- And her dream of helping 101 million people chase their dreams!

Kristina is an inspirational woman with a lovely story. It was a pleasure to hear from her and the journey of moving country, figuring out what matters most to her. Which ultimately led her to creating kikki.k. We discussed the importance of starting before you are ready. If you have an idea or a dream, you need to go for it and work it out along the way. You'll never have all the answers in the beginning.

That led us to the value of being optimistic and confident in making mistakes and learning. Education is so vital in growth, and you must consistently reinvest in yourself to continue to grow.

'Systems lead to expansion'. We explored how the development of good systems reaps the benefits in the long run and allows for businesses to expand.

We finished with a discussion of our values and shared advice to others who have aspirations; 'Live your dream!' And take action, don't wait, because life is short.

In the podcast we explore together:

5.40 What Matters Most? 10:55 Start Before you’re Ready

26.30 Be Optimistic & Confident in Making Mistakes & Learning From Them

29.00 Systemise to Expand

36.00 Value your Education, Reinvest in Yourself

43.15 Embrace your Impatience

1.00.36 Live Your Dream

1.05.50 Life is Short, Don't Wait

For more information about Kristina Karlsson: - Kristina Karlsson's website

“Your Dream Life Starts Here” – Kristina Karlsson's Audible Book

@KristinaKikkiK - Kristina Karlsson's Instagram

Books from Conversation:

“The Wealthy Gardener” – John Soforic

“The Power Of Now” – Ed Carroll



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