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You’re ready the moment you decide you are

I did my intake in September 2013, which makes me just over a year into the course. The most significant thing that’s happened to me since my intake? There’s been so many!!

Barry Magliarditi

Barry Magliarditi

Day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, more significant things happen. Some that I remember is getting to a position of being comfortable with asking people to pay for coaching, as well as the stages that I went through in really learning to value myself and what I was worth – not from a financial perspective, but physically feeling okay within myself and the tools. The ability I had to help others experience shifts within their life, and having experience with different clients thanking you for what you’ve done for and with them – and the change you’ve made within their lives.

“I went from charging per hour to earning over $35,000 per month on consultancy where my clients call me when they need me. It’s quite a comfortable and nice position to be in – they only call when they need, and I am still earning a steady income. I’ve just developed my first workshop sold at $1,200 per month – and I’ve already had six people sign up before starting to market it! By December, I’ll be on $50,000 per month – which is phenomenal, being only 12 months into the journey”

I have a couple of key learnings. The first is take action: go out there and start speaking to everyone and anyone who is within three feet of you. Find out what their problems and challenges are, and be okay with letting them know that you may be able to help them – and then be okay with charging for that! A lot of coaches that they need to do “more” before they’re ready for that, but they’re ready the moment they decide they are. That’s the reality.

Be okay with putting your prices up! If you’re going out and finding paying clients, be okay with lifting your prices. That will increase your self-worth, and it will also attract the clients you need. When people pay, they pay attention. When people pay a lot, they pay a lot of attention. The more money that people invest, the more value they take from the conversation – they’re more committed.

Finally, be open to asking somebody’s advice who’s been there and done that – and take time to not only listen, but to implement it into your business. For a long time, I was asking mentors for advice – and I’d take on board what they said with a “but” rather than with an “and”. Take action on advice, and do what they’ve said.

Then ask for more!

My twelve month goal is to turn this workshop into a twelve month program, “The Inner Game of Business Success”, and to have 200+ people attending! Having 10 one-on-one clients at a higher fee, and dealing with key players in this community who take it back to their staff and their stakeholders to create some amazing change.

Barry Magliarditi

Barry Magliarditi