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I started my path to Life Coach in November 2012. I already knew something about it, but I can’t remember exactly how I came across the TCI website, contacted them, had a meeting and signed up. I had my first 3 days training, called intake weekend, at the end of March 2013

Valentina Bonatti

Valentina Bonatti

Since then, life has changed so much. I have changed. It’s amazing all the knowledge I have found, essential and personal skills that should be taught by family and school but are not.

Since March, I have a better vision of my everyday life as well as a sense of purpose and direction. I know what I want and I set goals for that. I can see the day with different eyes and mindset. I can understand my mood and change it simply by changing my physiology.  I've learnt how to ask great questions and how it can be a really powerful tool.  I understand that trying is the best way to get better and become successful and when you fail. I don’t consider it as failure but as feedback. The most successful people in life are the ones that never give up despite all the failures.

“I've met great and interesting people and I can share my dreams with them as well as ask for support and help”

I am really excited just thinking about where this path will take me in life. I've found great value for myself and my family too.

I am running free, fortnightly, workshops where I share what I have learnt from the training and the feedback from the participants is great. They enjoy learning new skills and apply them in their everyday life.

My big vision is to become a professional traveller where I can travel the word and share the essential, fundamental and really powerful knowledge to people all around the world and help them to become a better version of themselves.

Valentina Bonatti

Valentina Bonatti