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The Secret to finding My Desired Success

If you have your goal and willing to stick to it you can get what you want and be successful at the same time, just lean in and learn from those who have got the success you are looking for...

Phillip Sealy

Phil Sealy

Accredited Professional Coach

When I started down the path with The Coaching Institute I thought I had it all worked out and knew exactly what I wanted.

Well that was true to a level as I know that the one-to-one coaching was not my thing and had done so much training in this area before coming to The Coaching Institute.

And to be honest I did not join for me to sort my shit out as I was comfortable with me and where I was

I just knew I wanted to learn more of the one-to-many skills.

“When I went to the Foundations of Coaching Success weekend I just knew I was in the correct room as soon as Joe Pane started to speak. At this weekend I got to be the first person to sign up to Level 4 Accredited Professional Coach . . .”
Phillip Sealy

Phil Sealy

Accredited Professional Coach

Then the next influence I had was attending the Professional Coach Round Table training with Remi Pearson.

Let me tell you what came out of that few days:

First I walked away with new ideas and models that made me re-write my whole presentation I was doing 3 days later in Jakarta to a group of professionals that had English as a second language. We now call this Critical Alignment Model.

Second I got to meet the amazing John Chellingworth who became my accountability buddy and we have done all 3 Meta Dynamics™ courses together and still today catch up to make sure we are still true and accountable to our commitments.

Then came Meta Dynamics™ Level I, well this was a big change for me as I sat there and heard Remi talk about how she flies Business Class and how she has a very short buying strategy when it comes to purchasing cars and a very long version for getting shoes and hand bags. (Well sorry I have given both of them up)

I made a commitment that I was going to be flying Business Class and I made that commitment to John in that training course.

I now fly Business Class for several reasons as I have just found out that I am in the top 1% for the airline and in the last 12 months I have done the distance in the air to fly around the world twice, been in the air for over 5 days and have travelled all over the country doing what I love.

I got to meet the amazing Bec Fox and got to help her give up hot chips.

Meta Dynamics™ Level II was a total blur for me, nothing against Remi, there was just so much happening.

Then there was Extended DISC training with Joe again, this was a critical time for me as I had just lost my dad and I think being in the room with Joe and John again was exactly what I needed.

Then the big bag happened, I went on Meta Dynamics™ III (with you guessed it John) this changed my whole way of seeing how I could do the one-to- many goal that I joined The Coaching Institute and International Coach Guild (ICG) for.

"Now I have a lot of people to thank for this course and getting me through, just a couple outside of the obvious is Matt Lavars, Deborah Kleinert and Matthew Church. I know there were more so I’m sorry if I missed you . . .”
Phillip Sealy

Phil Sealy

Accredited Professional Coach

So what has changed for me since this course and more importantly in the last 12 months:

  1. We have signed a 7 figure contract over 2 years

  2. To date for this calendar year we have turned over 7 figures

  3. We have changed the lives of over 500 participants going through our training

  4. Personally, we have signed up to build a new home that is also in the 7 figures

  5. I have won the ACT Trainer of the year award and next month I go up against the rest of Australia’s best teachers/trainers for the title of Australia’s best teacher/trainer of the year

Now if you had of suggested 7 figures to me 18 months ago I would have said that I was dreaming of hitting this one day.

When we changed our journey and not the goal we are no longer scared or concerned about talking in the 7 figures space.

I did a flight from Brisbane to Canberra to work with clients that took me to Melbourne for the whole purpose of surprising Remi with flowers to say thank you for not letting me give up in the Meta Dynamics™ III training when I could not get out of the professor archetype.

Now to this point you may be thinking this all sounds amazing and what a journey I have had, however I would not be providing you value if I didn’t give you the down side.

Firstly, I remember making a post on our success and Joe said don’t just congratulate me on the success but ask what we did to get it.

This comment excited me as I was so willing to give anything back to anyone that asked, however not one person asked except John as this is what we do with each other all the time as accountability buddies.

  1. I have given a lot of family time up being away from home, however now when I am home I have found that I am truly home and spending it with my family, does not make up for the time I miss though

  2. We have had contracts we have won contested by other companies

  3. Have been reported to the training watch dog by a competitor as one of the organisations we work with didn’t add out RTO number to a training course they promoted to their members

  4. Have had organisations take part of our logo and made it theirs

  5. I have landed after major flight delays a couple hours prior to having to facilitate courses

  6. Built material for courses that we had nothing for in a couple days to allow the clients to get what they needed and not just want

  7. Put a project on hold to create a book with a group of people and have had to drop back on my commitment to my charity work around SkilledCNP

"If you have your goal and willing to stick to it you can get what you want and be successful at the same time, just lean in and learn from those who have got the success you are looking for and not from people who say they can help you get there and don’t have it themselves . . .”
Phillip Sealy

Phil Sealy

Accredited Professional Coach

I am always getting unsolicited contacts from people saying they can guarantee me that they can help me build a 6-figure business, sorry not being rude however I delete them without reading past the first line.

Thank you everyone that I have touched or has touched me within my journey with The Coaching Institute.

I would not change a thing as this has helped me be who I am today and helped me learn what I needed.

As someone said, the more responsibility you have the less privileges you get.

And in the words of Remi sometimes there are no lessons it just sucks, the key is what you do next is what makes the difference.


Phil started his journey with The Coaching Institute to discover more on one-to-many coaching skills. He constantly showed up to every single training and has grown and progressed so much more than just learning one-to-many coaching. He has achieved many outstanding results since then, including receiving the ACT Trainer of the Year Award.

Phillip Sealy

Phil Sealy

Accredited Professional Coach