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The Chef in Heels

Feeling a little disillusioned with events going on in my life, it was time to change

Julie Ann Booth

Julie-Ann Booth

The Chef in Heels Coaching business

TCI had been recommended to me as being one of the best Coaching Schools in Australia

Apparently a great place to learn & it was time for me to get serious about ‘what’s next’ in my life. I contacted the Institute & it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I signed the form on 13th March 2013, paid the deposit in May & began my journey with the intake w/e end of June 2013. Everything has been on turbo boost ever since.

A successful Chef by profession, always fuelled by creating new memories & experiences in peoples lives through food, I realized I could no longer sustain the toll it takes working in commercial kitchens. How could I still make a difference, help people improve their health without physically cooking for them & make a good living from it? That’s where TCI comes into it. I’ve since discovered that there are numerous ways I can still teach people how to have great health, in fact I am reaching more people now then ever before.

“It has been a magical journey as I’ve quickly reshaped my life in every way possible. My old unhealthy mindset is forever changed”

With the help of my own coach I knocked out the old unwanted beliefs, patterns & behaviours only to be replaced by great ones which have meaning & significance to me. The result? Success has become easier then ever. With these skills I am able to help my own clients make massive differences in their lives with the generous knowledge that has been passed onto me. Priceless.

Now I am happily building The Chef in Heels Coaching business

The focus is on giving clients a personalized service with One on One Coaching Sessions. Most individuals have different needs when it comes to personal success & great health, so we hone in & get very clear on what they specifically want, create a plan & get moving! It was a very exciting & momentous moment when my first paying coaching client deposited their money into my bank account. Yes there were celebrations all round.

Currently I am putting the finishing touches on my latest ebooks, online programs & workshops which I am very excited to be sharing. On top of all of this I am unexpectedly in demand as a local Guest Keynote Speaker for various networking & business groups. Offers continue to come in from all sorts of organizations to either speak or contribute to articles on my areas of expertise, food & health. Mind you, these aren’t limited to my local area either any more.

My plans for the future seem to continue to grow as I do, and my aspirations?

Well how long have you got. I aspire to be, do & have so many things so you will have to check back to see what they all are.

Success for me comes from a place of curiosity. How far can I go? What’s next? Who is going to help get me to where I need to go & most importantly Who do I need to Become? As long as I stay passionate about what I do, I am able to maintain the focus, determination and energy to keep moving forward, then, anything is possible & success a natural result. If any of these are out of balance I discuss it with my coach or call the incredibly supportive TCI staff when I feel stuck. We tweak the plan, they make me step it up so I continue moving in the direction that I am meant to. Real success is all about my clients moving forward, living the life they have always desired & watching the ripple effect play out.

Julie Ann Booth

Julie-Ann Booth

The Chef in Heels Coaching business