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The biggest impact has been my relationship with myself!

When I started this journey, I was in a bad place. I was coming out of a divorce, and had recently lost my father to sudden medical complications.

Wendy Reiner

Wendy Reiner

I ended my relationship with my family and partner. I went from being a Mum supporting somebody else in a career, and sacrificing myself for them, to being on my own supporting my children and having to discover who I was.

“I cannot believe the opportunities that have materialised since then. I have no resistance now. I get so irritated by those who say it can’t be done. I’m now an arrow flying towards a bullseye. I no longer experience overwhelm. I sleep better now. My health is better. The quality of my relationships is better. I’m constantly looking for ways to simplify things for myself. I’m supersizing my goals. I have a responsibility to deliver on what the universe will give me. Instead of proving myself to the outside world, I’m living to satisfy myself”
Wendy Reiner

Wendy Reiner

My family life is different – I’m so present with my children. The boys are so calm. I’m building an empire. All of the doors are open, and now I get to choose what I’m doing.

My advice to coaches? Take home the key learnings. Forgive yourself for making mistakes. There is no fear. There is no failure. There is only feedback. Be comfortable in the uncertainty.

For years prior to joining The Coaching Institute, I was in a void. I took on one of TCI’s graduates as a mentor, and they recommended me. For years, I had been putting subconscious roadblocks in the way of my goals. After I did Meta Dynamics I with Sharon and Johnnie, I was completely a changed person.

Confidently move forward. Keep doing what you need to

I’ll borrow Susan Jeffer’s words here: feel the fear and do it anyway.

The next stop for me is the US, which has a large part of the global market share, and so I want to create an empire. I’m creating a skin care range that actually works and my wildly important goal is to become one of those brand names that people use in every day language. I didn’t know I was capable of any of this. You’ve got to do it.

The Coaching Institute has been the key to flipping a switch in my life. I’ve come from a place of being a people pleaser – being at effect. TCI is a resource for developing my life. They’re just amazing. Completely inspirational. With the opportunities that’ve come for me, I cannot afford to have anything stand in my way. TCI have taught me how to make my Why bigger than myself.

The biggest impact – of all of this journey – has been about my relationship with myself, and who I am.

Wendy Reiner

Wendy Reiner