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The bigger picture: vivid, bright and expanding daily

I am a mother to two young boys. My journey into parenting had felt like one challenge after another.

Lana Mayes

Lana Mayes

Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching

Our first son was born with a deformity, our second son arrived via an extremely painful and high-risk pregnancy, and both children suffered ongoing health issues. Having brought these two incredible children into the world, simultaneously felt like the biggest achievement in my life, and what I had failed most miserably at.

I was obsessed with putting on a brave face, and sunk lower and further away from everyone as I struggled to admit just how stuck and hopeless I felt.

One day I realised I needed to make some changes, for myself and for the good of my family. As I began to pull myself out of the black hole I’d fallen into, opportunities started to present themselves. A friend offered me a ticket to Personal Power, and I credit Joe Pane’s decision making session that weekend to removing the clutter I had around a secret dream that had been bubbling away under my skin. Feeling a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of parents who were struggling, overwhelmed or feeling alone, I wanted to write the book that I had needed only a year earlier. Joe had said to do something that made my heart sing, and with that in mind the decision was easy.

“I knew I wanted to challenge myself to continue growing and becoming the best version of me. Deciding to sign up to the Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching course, was for me the pathway to beginning my own personal development, and learning how to more serve others”

My Foundations weekend in February 2014 was phenomenal. The content, the facilitator, the people I met and how these things have all conspired to support my success, is truly extraordinary.

In the last 10 days I have submitted my manuscript of just under 43,000 words for my book “Trust Your Melody” to my editor. It is due to be published March 2015. Only days before that I followed the on-line path that my latest blog had taken around the world. Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, the Philippines and Bali. Not only that but my article has been picked up by several of the biggest charities in the world relating to my sons deformity, and shared with the thousands of families they support. From not speaking up to having an international voice!

But more important than that is the feeling I have within myself. Purpose and Passion – two words I had previously believed were available only to the lucky few in this world, and which I now know are available to each and every one of us.

I am on track to complete my knowledge paper in the next couple of months, and credit my learnings through TCI as being at the heart of my sensational year. Learning that I have choices in every moment, and uncovering what contribution and growth mean to me has been a huge influence. Overall, it has been about taking one small step at a time. With a 1 & 3 year old running around the house, progress can at times feel very slow, but the bigger picture is vivid and bright and expanding daily.

Even more than that, I know I can fulfil it.

Lana Mayes

Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching