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Talk about a fast start!

I joined TCI in November 2013 and did my intake weekend just 3 days after I signed up

Arpan Roy

Arpan Roy

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

The training was an experience like no other

What was special for me was I attended the training with my lovely wife Manasee. There was lots that we both learnt from the training, and I still implement those learnings in my coaching today.

When I joined TCI, I was working as an IT Project Manager. The job was an interesting one, with lots to learn through the challenges it presented in day-to-day work. The opportunity to learn something new was a big motivator for me. However, I had reached a point where the opportunities to learn weren't much, and motivation was starting to reduce. A key question that I often asked myself was "What's next?" I certainly didn't find many answers in my former job. Coming across and joining TCI was probably one of the key decisions I made then. Looking back at it, it also was one of the best I made.

I started my coaching practice in early 2014. The wins that I experienced since then gave me confidence to move out of my former job and full time on the business from September 2014. Within 10 months of joining TCI, I went full time on our business.

“With a baby on the way in November this year, I have got my work cut out. My vision over the next quarter is to systemise our business in a way that it takes care of itself while I spend some time off with my family. In doing so, I'd actually live the reason for starting our business- to have the flexibility to focus on what matters most to me: family”

Our business name is Arman Consultancy. A venture I proudly started along with my wife. The name Arman is derived from our respective names- Ar(Arpan) and Man(Manasee). The word Arman back in India means Desire, or Dream. Which is really what the business means to us.

I still remember the moment I got my first paying client. It was a thrilling moment, and I felt like I was on top of the world! What made this even more special was the certificate I got from Sharon congratulating me. One word: Priceless! There have been many firsts since then- first workshop at my former workplace, at my local council with business owners, my first article as a columnist, my first book as a co-author. All of them special indeed. What takes the cake for me has to be where the momentum started- my first paying client.

Other than that, I am currently creating online products for my clients, collaborating with recruitment agencies to create a program to enhance their sales and develop leadership skills of their contracted employees to excel in their assignment at client locations. In the longer term, my vision is to take our business global, and serve clients worldwide. I plan to release my own book, which would deliver immense value to readers who aspire to enhance their leadership skills to succeed in their ventures. And, start a charity to support underprivileged kids in India and Australia. This one is really close to my heart, and the thought of doing that makes my heart beat faster!

I attribute my success to many wonderful people I have met in various stages in my life. From my parents who instilled their values in me, my teachers in school, my lovely wife Manasee who always inspires me with her clear thinking and her thoughtfulness for others, and the amazing mentors I have had access to through my journey with TCI. Thinking about it, I am grateful for all the opportunities to learn through all the amazing people I have known.

Arpan Roy

Arpan Roy

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching