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Sharing my success with TCI

I had always wanted to do something like life coaching I just never really knew what it was how to get into it until a month ago when I heard about TCI and registered to study with them.

Megan Jaworski

Diploma of Life Coaching

Less than three weeks after my intake weekend I have registered a coaching business called ‘Accelerate Your Success’.

Following the advice of Joe, I just kept moving forward and ‘doing as he did’. I have run workshops in my English classes on Values and Beliefs and incorporated it into their text analysis.

When I ran the workshop with my year ten class a few kids were crying and they said ‘this stuff is powerful Miss.


Can we learn more?

I realised how life transforming this is and so I began to live and breathe it.

I created business cards; booked in a photo shoot for picture for my up-coming website; created flyers that are stocked at the gym I attend; have workshops lined up at two different Rotary Clubs, GAC School of Languages and World Vision Australia.

I have had the first coaching session with each of my pro-bono clients (2) and I have a paying client whom I begin coaching next week.

My local church heard about what I was studying and have asked me to present there too. All of this in less than three weeks, and I work four days a week as a teacher (whew)!

I want to use my experiences living in developing countries and setting up schools in Africa and India to inspire people through public speaking events and incorporate what I am learning from TCI to really make an impact. I want to inspire, educate and challenge the status quo and ‘be the change I want to see in the world’.

In the future I would love to help shape the education system by coaching teachers, running workshops in schools and universities with the staff, and running programs for the students to empower, educate and inspire the next generation.

I would love to coach individuals who are interested in taking life beyond the norm, and helping them overcome obstacles that are holding them back.

How will I do this?

Through determination, diligence, setting goals (and sticking to them), changing beliefs that are holding me back, have a strong support network, live according to my values, complete my diploma through TCI and never stop striving and dreaming!

Megan Jaworski

Diploma of Life Coaching