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Sarah turns her dreams into reality

I had some skills that may be able to assist others to become the best they could be

When I joined The Coaching Institute on 17th August, 2011 it was on a journey of personal development. I realised that I had created a reality that I no longer wanted to identify with anymore, and if I truly believed in 100% responsibility, that it was my choice to propel forward to the success I desired.


Sarah Adamson

Diploma of Life Coaching

"And now..."

I completed my Foundations of Coaching Success intake weekend with some awesome coaches, crew and Joe Pane on 28-30 October 2011. From saying YES to the TCI journey, I decided to play at 100%... to be responsible and accountable for my results. I did an exercise suggested by TCI prior to my training and was able to define a new belief for myself...

“From that time onwards I took action to spring clean all my limiting beliefs and create beliefs that add value to my life and my vision. For me, the TCI journey is about helping others to see how beliefs are merely convenient assumptions we create, and therefore, we can create our own ultimate reality”

Sarah AdamsonDiploma of Life Coaching

“Sarah could go into the Sahara desert with nothing and come out with an umbrella, a fan and some lemonade”

And now my vision is to create the ultimate lifestyle for my family ~ by role modelling excellence in all aspects of my life. My business “Perceived Reality” helps people create the best mindset for their ultimate reality in business or any aspect of life.

The Monday after my Intake weekend training I had my first paying workshop for 18 people arranged. I model excellence, and took on Sharon Pearson’s suggestion, spend two hours daily listening to MP3s, webinars or reading - and apply what I learn to my business and personal development.

I also have two pro bonos that have had their third coaching session with me and a joint venture with 37 members of a local gym ~ complimentary “Breakthrough to Success” sessions where I plan to gain at least 12 paying clients.

My biggest turning point so far is understanding that beliefs are the convenient assumptions I have created, and therefore ALL my beliefs are changeable.

My “aha” moment was when I spring cleaned out all the beliefs which didn’t serve my best and highest good, decided that I can be my own hero, and (without being egotistical) be proud of who I am, leaving the need for constant validation behind. I believe the “Being” is the vital key, as you are applying the “Doing” to yourself, and can then “Have” the client base you desire.

My most successful marketing strategy so far has been confidently approaching businesses and telling them how I can add value to their client base. From this I have created a joint venture with a fitness business with 37 of their top level clients~ a breakthrough to success goal setting session, my pro-bonus as well as a paid workshop for a government agency later on in November.

So what advice do I have for others who are joining the program?

Follow the process. Model excellence. Believe in yourself with clarity and confidence. Don’t wait for perfection~ take ACTION!! Just give it your best shot ever. Apply all the things that you learn ~especially that there is no failure only feedback!

My future is to continue the learning and growing journey, and touch the lives of many. I also plan to volunteer for crewing at training and for my own business (Perceived Reality) is to become global ~ with phone coaching, workshops and products that enhance self perception and support people to create their ultimate outcomes. I also plan to run regular workshops across Australia that are highly sought after and booked out.

I am running an exclusive multi-modal retreat for high end clients in mid 2012 – including workshops, 1:1 coaching, NLP, Reiki, theta healing, meditation, physical exercise, journal writing, goal setting and nutritious foods in beautiful Coffin Bay, SA.

The Coaching Institute has exceeded my expectations with the amount of bonus classes, information, and support. Student Support is awesome! They helped me find things during the website transition, challenge my thinking, supported me when I’ve said yes and worked out the how later... And so much gratitude and a galaxy of stars goes to Sharon Pearson for skilling an amazing team culture within TCI!



“I work full time in health and emergency services, and am the proud solo supporter of two beautiful girls, 17 and 5. At the time I was caught up in allowing myself to be the victim of my circumstances ~ I created beliefs about myself that were inconsistent with how I wanted people to see me as (the real Sarah Adamson). I was involved in self-sabotaging behaviours that did not serve, support, and nurture or challenge me – they simply allowed me to divest myself of responsibility and to play the blame game”

Sarah Adamson

Diploma of Life Coaching

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