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Moving from my head to my heart

WOW! The realisations that have occurred for me over my time training with the Coaching Institute have been life changing.

Fiona Jeanne

Fiona Morgan

When I boarded the flight from Perth to Melbourne to head to the TCI HQ I had really no idea the profound impact that this snap decision would have on ME and my life.

Triple click the remote and fast forward at 32x speed over the nine months that have passed.  In this time, I have experienced a roller coaster of emotions, phenomenal learnings, and absolutely first class training as well as materials that have now come together to set me on the path I chose to walk.

“You really cannot un-know what you know once you know it!”

Fiona Morgan

The realisations that have occurred for me over this short window of time, the personal breakthroughs, the level of self-awareness I now have around the behavioural patterns and strategies I have been running all my life … WOW! Not only it was eye-opening and mind-blowing, but ultimately for me the most precious thing of all: heart-opening.

So, for me, this became my facilitator to change. Having the insight and understanding as to why I did what I did to myself over all these years was initially to me heart-breaking, yet now upon reflection, it is such a huge blessing to have this kind of self-awareness.

There is nothing to fix, I don't need any more years of trying to piece myself together … I just need to let go of what is no longer serving me.

These coaching success insights, grow increasingly every day and the immense fulfilment I get when a client has a breakthrough, no matter how small, is simply just a great moment and it is a beautiful gift that I have absolute pleasure in sharing.

My career PRE-TCI as a Finance & Governance consultant was financially rewarding but far from fulfilling. In fact, upon reflection, it was the polar opposite. I have wealth of knowledge accumulated over my 20+ years in this field that I have brought forward with me into my businesses.

My Key Impact Solutions (KiS) business is a consultancy boutique that provides Mindset, Behavioural profiling, and Business strategies for a range of small and medium sized businesses, their executive leaders, and teams.

My fusZen business focuses more on self, creating harmony through self-innovation, where we work with people to recalibrate their compass and realign them with their true North.

I look forward to lifelong learning and inspiring others to be the best that can be.

Much love and gratitude to your all.

Fiona Jeanne

Fiona Morgan