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Living the dream baby!

I entered the TCI world in April 2012 and life has been on an exciting trajectory ever since!

Rebecca Livesey

Rebecca Livesey

Meta Dynamic™ Profiler, Executive Leader, speaker and coach

I entered the TCI world in April 2012 and life has been on an exciting trajectory success ever since!

I wasn’t in a great place back then. I’d been sick for a while and had to stop work (corporate strategy was my gig). I’d come to TCI in desperation because I knew I needed to earn some money and I figured I could manage coaching on a part time basis. And then came FOCS….Joe picked me for the NLP demo at the end of the weekend. We collapsed an anchor, my brain fizzed, and I was back!

I went home to Brisbane, got serious about my business and set everything up. I gave myself half a day to pick a name, logo, do a simple website as I knew all that could be procrastination heaven. I joined BNI, followed the manuals, did triads, pro bonos, watched the DVDs, listened to the recordings and participated in webinars. Basically I did what TCI tells you to do right. I got my first paying coaching package client about 6 weeks later through BNI.

Around the same time I was approached through my network for strategy consulting work so I incorporated that into my business and started linking beliefs, behaviours and business strategy together. This felt right to me – as much as I love working with leaders to develop and execute Strategy I always felt like something was missing. I built on this with Advanced Skills, NLP, eDISC, HTRSW and kept bringing back more gold to my clients.

“The next game changer came when one of the organisations I was working with had an opportunity to join the executive team full time.  I knew it was a chance to make a huge difference to the organisation so I said yes. Hubby and I packed up and moved to Perth for more Australian adventures (we’re from the UK originally).”
Rebecca Livesey

Rebecca Livesey

Meta Dynamic™ Profiler, Executive Leader, speaker and coach

Then came Meta 2 and 3. All I can say is do these trainings! After Meta 2 I ESIP-ed anything that moved. I love this frame! My team loved it too and some of them even signed up for Meta Dynamics™ 1 (and loved it! Thankyou TCI)

ESIP strengthened my leadership style which led to me taking on the CIO role on an interim basis. This was huge as I’m completely non-technical and now looked after IT, so I focussed on ‘Environment’ – purpose, decision making and behaviours - to make a difference with the team. Because I was an unusual CIO I got asked to speak at various forums about culture and leadership which totally rocks! I’ve had other CIOs come up to me afterwards, their eyes lit up saying ‘I get it! I’m so stuck in ‘Implementation’ I’ve completely missed ‘Environment’’ It’s so wonderful to spread the ripples and this is where Meta 3 comes in. Meta 3 is a magical training for anyone serious about speaking and facilitation. It truly sets you apart as a speaker.

So what’s next….We’ve just arrived back in beautiful Brisbane after a couple of years out west. I’m back in my business, Achieve-Lead-Succeed, working with executives and leadership teams on linking strategy, leadership and culture using ESIP, eDISC and traditional strategy methodologies. I’m incredibly grateful that I get to work with amazing leaders who want to make a difference in their organisations. And I get to regularly speak about all this too – one of my most favourite ways to create more ripples!

I’m passionate about changing the corporate world for the better. It’s not ok that we have created a business world where over 50% of employees are disengaged, 30% would leave because of their boss and 70% of initiatives fail to be executed. We have to challenge this as the accepted status quo. I suspect my career will weave in and out of corporate depending on the impact I can have. For me, that’s the important part – the Impact. Doing it via my business or via a job is purely the vehicle. I’ve learnt that both work. Focus on the Why and the How will take care of itself.

What I’ve noticed along the way

  1. There are so many ways to make a difference in the corporate world, and so few people are doing them (and you don’t have to have your own business or be an entrepreneur to do this!) If you have a team - do everything we do at TCI regardless of what the rest of the organisation thinks. If it’s just you – be a model of excellence. Set your own standards.

  2. Each upgrade / investment in my thinking has been followed by an opportunity in my business / career

  3. When I’m self-focussed fear creeps in, when I’m fearful I’m self-focussed. It’s a time and energy wasting circle

  4. Giving value because it serves wins every time, in business and in organisations. Do this and you are remembered by your network (internal or external). If you’re running out of things to give – go learn more!

  5. Model the experts. When I have any wobbles in my thinking I remember one of SP’s Facebook posts which said ‘Everything changed the day I realised that it’s up to me to bring what’s needed to achieve the crazy goals I’d set. No one else can do this for me. There’s no point waiting, wishing and hoping. I’m too old for that shit anyway’.

It makes me laugh every time I think about it - I’m definitevely too old for that shit and so are you 🙂

Thank you TCI, Sharon and Joe for what you have created, and thank you for opportunity to share my journey.

Rebecca Livesey

Rebecca Livesey

Meta Dynamic™ Profiler, Executive Leader, speaker and coach