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Keep persisting because you’re worth it

Having support is essential and seeking help, finding a way, looking outside of the information you have been given. Big thank you to the team at the Coaching Institute for giving me the tools to do this

"My first training at The Coaching Institute (TCI) was in 2014, I was 14 weeks pregnant and it was a training that had me look at my journey in life differently"
Melissa Ryan

Melissa Ryan

Accredited Professional Coach

A moment I realised I had control of how I designed my life, no one else.

I started my Foundations of Coaching Success training in August 2015 with Joe Pane.

Before my journey with TCI began, I had been quite a go getter, I was a massage therapist and sports trainer whilst also maintaining a fulltime AND a part time job, with a side network marketing business. I moved away and became a fruit and veg manager and soon after I became a mum and taking my daughter to swim lessons, I learnt how to be a swim teacher. Whilst working as a swim teacher, my health journey began and I reduced my weight by 40kgs, and regained my health and happiness. As an added bonus I was able to fall pregnant with my 3rd child after a 5 yr wait, I had almost given up hope.

I then pursued my fitness certification, so I could help others achieve the same. In 2012, I started running my own outdoor fitness business with 3 young children in tow. In January 2014 I felt it slowly slipping away, and I had grown my business to a point that it needed something else, or perhaps my life was also missing something. No matter how much I worked or how much I learnt, I wasn’t living my ideal life. My clients were seasonal, and I was growing tired, having working on the business and in the business and being a full time mum, pregnant with my fourth child. I was also a netball coach and VP & P of the Netball Club. I was the Yes girl and I was going through the motions of life. There were times I wanted to give up, I contemplated life without me, and my hope was fading.

“I really wanted to create success in my life and working on my own was rewarding, but I wanted my clients to have more, be more and I wanted to help get there”
Melissa Ryan

Melissa Ryan

Accredited Professional Coach

I had clients who moved away and they wished I could go with them!

I really enjoyed helping them succeed in both their fitness goals and life goals. One of my standout clients was a lady who couldn’t’ finish her 1km fitness time trial, walking 1km was inevitably too much for her. Over my 6 week course it became her goal to improve, and we exceeded her expectation and she was able to run 1km.

Another client wanted to get into the police force, so we tailored her fitness test around the police fitness test. She passed with flying colours, and I championed her right through her police training, and induction training, both mentally and physically. What I wanted to change in my life was to have a business that could help others on a deeper level, to help them both with their mindset and physical self, and still have the time to enjoy my family.

Right now I am working on a project to help kids in schools develop a success mindset through group meetings, and I am working on taking the Your Success program into the schools to help teachers be the best teachers and/or parents they can be.

I believe if teachers and parents can help kids grow together, then we can create a happier more sustainable environment for everyone.

My business name is Melissa L Ryan (& associates), and I am working with schools, and people who want to create success and happiness in their lives. Whether it be in their health, relationships, careers or life itself.

Some of my successful moments since starting with TCI have been writing and researching for the Positive Psychology Modules. I said yes to the project before I had even done my Foundations Weekend.

The process was amazing and I grew a lot as a person and a mother, and also as a business owner.

It truly opened my eyes to human behaviour, and the way we think and behave, and how we could do it differently.

As a collective family we were able to overcome some tough challenges throughout the year that we may not have bounced back as quickly if I didn’t have the support and the learning’s I had. As President of the Netball Club, in 2016, I was able to lead a successful committee to run a successful club. We implemented better communication processes and systems into the club and therefore it ran a lot smoother, and the end of year presentation event was run efficiently and I spoke with so much more authenticity and confidence. I was also able to hand over the reins to my Vice president as I had worked closely with her to train her to be a leader.

I remember my first paying client; I had booked her for a values elicitation. I was so excited for her and for myself, because we both valued my work so much. This client has moved forward to create the success in her life and is keeping the promise she made to herself and to me, by taking the action steps to make it happen. This is what keeps me wanting to learn and grow so much more.

“I remember my first workshop, it was a combination of a cooking class and life success!”
Melissa Ryan

Configure Melissa Ryan

Accredited Professional Coach

It was definitely a learning process and I had 6 people come along. I am planning a series of success and mindset workshops starting in March, and I hope to reach more people with my message.

In the future I plan to open a Wellness Centre, write some books, and run workshops and be a public speaker that will help others be the best they can be, and to really aspire to reach their goals and dreams and essentially to have hope. Hope for the future. I aspire to be a confident, happy, passionate and loving woman who powerfully inspires others.

I attribute my success to falling over time and time again, and being able to pick myself up and find a way to do it better, and differently. To pick myself up no matter how much mess I’ve created in my life or what life throws at me, and to prune the rose bushes and let the roses flourish. Having support is also essential and seeking help, finding a way, looking outside of the information you have been given. Success is staying true to the course, yet being open to new ideas, and to finding new ways. Success is like a maze, you’ll often take the wrong turn, come to dead ends, but eventually through consistency and perseverance, you will find your way through to the end of the maze.

Keep persisting, you are worth it.

“I grew a lot as a person & a mother & also as a business owner. It truly opened my eyes to human behavior & the way we think & behave”
Melissa Ryan

Melissa Ryan

Accredited Professional Coach