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I was depressed and stressed before TCI

My introduction to TCI was through a weekend at Personal Power July 2014 with the talented and divine Joe Pane, now called Courage to be You!

I was with my people and everything was going to be ok!

Rachael Henderson

Accredited Professional Coach

Returning to Australia only a few months earlier after living and working aboard for 5 years.

I had taken a role which I was positive that I would spend my next 5-10 years sharing my awesomeness, making great money and then be able to leave that role to create the business of my dreams!

The reality I was depressed, stressed out, living a great example of “the life of quiet desperation”. All the time thinking I needed to be the person right for this role and if I wasn’t then there was something wrong with me!

“Within 10 minutes of being in the room, I knew I was home. I was with my people and everything was going to be ok! I wasn’t crazy – I was human….I was also doing the best that I could at that time. The decision making process for me to say yes to me becoming a student (one of the BEST DECISIONS of my life thus far)”

Rachael Henderson

Accredited Professional Coach

The amount of personal growth I have obtained through my journey so far has my eyes welling with tears of gratitude as I attempt to type this. Having the tools to master my own emotions and thus make an empowering contribution to my life and those I engage with, is beyond aceness and makes me grateful to be alive; I mean really-what a gift.

On a professional level I am now working full time for a progressive corporate organisation as a Career/Life Coach after two roles which only partly aligned to my purpose. I come from a Learning and Development back ground….through the years of travel this natural calling became diluted and now I am home creating a mission, vision, purpose. My intention has been from the day of joining the community to achieve an enormous amount of growth in a short period of time through dedication, the support of the community and the amount of value TCI give give give give give and did I mention "friken give"!

What I have also come to embody is the knowingness I don’t have to wait to have my business which I first thought when arriving back to Australia.

I started that journey as soon as I invested with TCI.

This Sunday is my first session with my Business Coach-that’s right kids 2016 is a year of stepping up-$%#@ got real.

I work hard everyday, this has also included Christmas, birthdays and the rest, I do my best to apply everything I learn, I have stopped taking things personally, I create my certainty from within. I am an unreasonable person when it comes to my dreams. I am and always will be grateful for this community!!!

Rachael Henderson

Accredited Professional Coach