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I Wanted More From Life and Myself

In the beginning I really questioned whether or not this would work for me. I completed my Foundations of Coaching Success weekend in August 2013, the only reason I was there was because I wanted more from life and myself

cameron davine

Cameron Davine

I was stuck… from the an outsider looking in everything looked great, on the inside nothing made sense.

I had just sold my business as it consumed every piece of my life. Sacrifices were made on my family, my wife and I were in a marry of business and our relationship was a business transaction. I loved my business and worked hard for the success that I had. I know now, thanks to my learnings I received from TCI that business success was not inline with my values and cause much pain internally. My 2 daughters where growing up with empty love tanks and they where in need of some serious attention.

“It was easy for me to hide… for alcohol supresses a lot of feelings that need to be uncovered, it nullifies all your stress, frustrations and fears. Clearly reducing my potential to be truly happy”
cameron davine

Cameron Davine

Our children have no escape from life's moments that challenge us to grow and I had nothing to help as my wife and I were doing the best we could with what we knew at the time. ENTER STAGE LEFT “TCI” Everybody watches the video on TCI's website and the greatest tool I found was the power of question and curiosity. For when I heard Joe Pane say “… well if you did know what would it be?” I started thinking differently and applied this one question in my life and the result = answers.

I was one of those people… never read, I had never written anything, I would rather be dead then speak in front of an audience and always thought twice about going somewhere new. Since my intake weekend I have read 8 books in 12 months compared to 1 in 37 years. A must read for your coaching journey, all 512 pages is “Awaken The Gaint Within” Anthony Robbins. I have written 6 articles, finished my Knowledge Papers, started at Toastmaster public speaking, attended almost every ‘Coach & Connect’ session at TCI's (you rock Angelina), I have taken my learnings to my Basketball coaching and my life in general. The greatest challenge is maintaining focus and the answer to being able to do this is establishing your why, why are you on this journey? What drives you to learn more? I have recreated my why 4 times in the last 12 months, when I thought it was enough, it wasn’t. I am passionate about showing my family and others around the world how to live a happy and fulfilled life by living one myself, for I cannot ask others to celebrate success and happiness if I have not lived it myself, LIVE BY EXAMPLE.

My business is called “Coaching Without Limits” as I know nothing has a limit expect the limits we place on them. At the moment I am working on taking myself out of my comfort zone as I have learnt over the past 6 months this is where all my results have come from. Just by saying yes and working out how later. My light bulb moment was at Toastmasters, first visit and I was asked if I would like to participate, I said Yes… (thanks Owen) and guess what? I won best speech in my group for that night… all because I said YES. My plan for the future is to grow my brand and coaching experiences, to learn even more through TCI and other avenues, and I will now start to develop products to assist others in reaching their true potential.

It is the team at TCI and the community that has supported and guided my through this journey so far. The support of my family has been my door to this opportunity and those to come.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” Michael Jordan

I am making it happen!

cameron davine

Cameron Davine