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I listened to the whispers to embrace me

"The Coaching Institute has given me the gift to become a better and continually improving version of myself . . ."
Andrew Whalley

Andrew Whalley

Accredited Professional Coach

I started my journey with The Coaching Institute in January of 2016 and for me that meant the search was over.

What does that even mean?

From the age of 16 I knew there was something inside me that had to come out.

I was certain there was more for me to be, do & give.

The problem was, what was it?

What is this whisper?

At 16 I didn’t understand, so I continued life and fell into becoming an electrician.

For 5 years I woke up every morning with dread as I got myself together and out the door to the work site.

There is nothing wrong with being an electrician.

I had some great experiences and met a lot of phenomenal people, but as the whisper become too loud to ignore I knew it was time to move on.

The voice inside is more than just a whisper.

It's the voice of your dreams asking you to please listen and embrace ambiguity and uncertainty in order to nourish the seed that was placed in your heart long ago.

I know it sounds fluffy but I believe you know the feeling.

For me it was time, I could no longer ignore it, and I chose to embrace the unknown.

I quit my job, gave away a lot of my belongings and packed my bags to travel the world for 9 months.

I lived the lifestyle so many wish for, to quit life and sit on beaches drinking cocktails and reading books.

No kids, no responsibilities, no job, complete and utter freedom.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

It really was, temporarily, because what I learnt is that you can not ‘quit’ at life.

Instead you must create a life that is fulfilling and one you’d never want to give up or escape from.

This has been my objective since returning from my travels and as a result I packed up shop and relocated to the city of four seasons in one day.

I moved away from the beautiful and warm Sunshine Coast to get out of my comfort zone.

I didn’t want to fall back into electrical work and unresourceful habits just because it was available and an easy option.

“I knew I could be and give more to this world. I left with no idea as to what would come next but I had faith everything would work out. Two days after I arrived in Melbourne I became a student at The Coaching Institute and my life changed forever . . .”

I found somewhere where I belonged.

Somewhere with like minded people who wanted to learn, grow and become better human beings in order to give back to this world and the people on it.

I had never experienced a place where you can be all of you.

Where you can share your dreams and ambitions and be met with nothing but encouragement and support from The Coaching Institute team and its unique community.

In a short 9 months I have grown more than I thought possible, met so many incredible people and learnt more than I ever knew existed.

The Coaching Institute has given me the gift to become a better and continually improving version of myself and to serve others and allow them to experience the gift also.

"To simply label the courses they offer as “Life Coaching” makes me laugh because it is so much more than that. What you learn and who you become is far beyond coaching . . .”
Andrew Whalley

Andrew Whalley

Accredited Professional Coach

It’s also how to say yes to yourself, to become a better man, woman, father, mother, role model for your kids, partner, business owner and all round human being.

I can not thank The Coaching Institute enough for what they have given me and so many others.

The staff and community are incredible and I’ve never met a more generous person than Remi Pearson.

Thank you!


Since young age Andrew knew that he has much more to offer and to give. He had a whisper in him and found himself embracing his true self after he enrolled into The Coaching Institute. He quit his job as an electrician and stayed away from unresourceful habits, now he is able to be the best version of himself.

Andrew Whalley

Andrew Whalley

Accredited Professional Coach