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I asked ‘What do the next ten years look like?’

I started my Journey in Dec of 2014

Deb Pace

Deb Pace

Accredited Professional Coach

After I was reading “Awaken the giant within” by Tony Robbins… When I came across a paragraph:

“… for many of us, those dreams have become so shrouded in the frustrations and routines of daily life that we no longer even make an effort to accomplish them. Ten years ago, what were you like? If someone asked (back then) what will you have told them? Ask yourself  - How am I going to live the next ten years of my life?”

For me this was the turning point. I had achieved all the goals I had set for myself. Including having everything I ever wanted. I enjoyed every day and everything I was doing. I had no reason to change that. I had no vision to stop doing any of it.

Until one day, that day where years of choices made from the opinions of others.

“What I had, where I was headed was not “normal”. I did not understand that the people around me and the statements, advice and what they thought was right, would have had such a down turn on my life”
Deb Pace

Deb Pace

Accredited Professional Coach

I asked myself from reading Mr. Robbins – What is the next ten years going to be like?

I actually want back the life I had, the one before the advice from those that didn’t really know.

Now 12 months on I run 2 businesses with pride. DP Consulting works with individuals and companies to bring out their best. We use critical alignment strategies to enable people to grow. Providing educational information and models to build the lifestyle, achieve the dreams and create the future of individuals.

If I help just one person to make a change that creates something brilliant for them, or build the confidence of a teenager to speak in public, give the gift to an athlete to better their own personal best. I have made the small difference that makes a difference.

My most successful milestone, is a thought I have never considered. I think every day is a milestone. Every day brings about something different. I have so much gratitude for the education The Coaching Institute has shared with me, that I am able to make better decisions for myself. I have choice about who, how and what I do. I guess if I had to say something, it would be:

“If I can do it, show others I can do it, they can too… If they don’t know how…have the courage to ask someone who has…”

My plans for the future are to build what I have and more. To support a lifetime of a lifestyle where I can share it with others.

There are so many attributes to my success. My husband, my daughter and my son, whom I draw so much wisdom from. I see in them amazing things, values and beliefs that are their own. These then drive me to keep learning, applying, and asking then re-apply, re- learn and then repeat.

One thing to leave you with….. I’m just the same as you, I am no different to the girl next door, I just take action for my own results. So I can see the help I give others and then they can do extraordinary things.