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How Joining TCI was a game changer

I was ready to learn how to make some changes and that’s when the teacher appeared.

I’ve been a very determined person from a young age.
Carole Issa

Carole Issa

Accredited Professional Coach

I’ve always focused on pursuing my dreams and made things happen despite the nay-sayers around me.

Yet I could feel that something was missing.

While everything seemed 'perfect' with my life on the outside, sometimes I found myself hitting the wall and had no idea why.

At the same time, I was watching so many people I care about wanting to turn their life around, only to be frustrated as I had no idea how to help them.

The Coaching Institute ‘appeared’ and I discovered the amazing world of coaching and found my true passion.

Joining The Coaching Institute was a game-changer for me and also for the people around me.

The journey with The Coaching Institute has been outstanding because of the level of training I’m receiving and also because of their amazing support and awesome community. Their dedication and commitment to the success of their students is phenomenal.

Since joining The Coaching Institute, I’ve successfully started my own coaching and training business,

...and within the first year I literally got all my Professional Coach Program’s investment back – I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs nationally and internationally.

And thanks to The Coaching Institute’s amazing support and high quality training, I’ve taken my training skills to the next level; so I can help more people around me.

For me, it’s been a great opportunity for growth and an exciting journey to be on! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Carole Issa

Carole Issa

Accredited Professional Coach