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From here, I can only grow

I started this journey as the biggest procrastinator. Believe it or not, I spent five years looking at The Coaching Institute’s website, without ever taking action. I went through a succession of jobs

Akren Garkos

Akren Garkos

I had a fascination with human behaviour. I loved working with people – and then I found TCI. The turning point in my coaching journey was moving to Melbourne and studying neuro-linguistic programing (now Meta Dynamics). This program truly took my coaching to the next level. I also attended How to Run a Successful Workshop training – which, while a stretch, totally changed the course of my life.

Now, thanks to the TCI path, I have been able to break into an industry I have spent years trying to enter, and I have a job which I love and am passionate about. I get to spend every day doing the thing I love: working with people to maximise their success. I’m gaining valuable experience that I can translate directly into my coaching.

My number one piece of advice is to apply the knowledge. Allow yourself to be flexible in what you learn. Listen to your gut: your instincts are always right. This whole journey is a learning curve. Embrace it.

“The Coaching Institute nurtures and supports me in a judgement-free environment. They’re going to hold you accountable and responsible for my learning. Their willingness to point me in the right direction, and their openness in their knowledge is incredible”
Akren Garkos

Akren Garkos

From here, I can only grow. I’m innovating. I’m building new products and services for my clients. It’s just awesome.