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Connecting With TCI Was About Taking Action

I began my training with TCI in January 2014 and was instantly applying what I had learnt to my day job in HR and sharing insights with key managers and colleagues. They loved it!

tania tebbutt

Tania Tebbutt

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

I was blown away by the quality of the presenter and felt very inspired by the authentic messages that were shared. The experience of my Foundations of Coaching Success training continued to resonate with me for weeks!

With 10 years’ HR experience in challenging public sector environments as well as dabbling in creative pursuits as a yoga teacher, writer and maker of things alongside the standard 9 – 5 you would be right in saying I’m a doer.

“Connecting with TCI was about me taking action to step it up again. I wanted to be in a position to better serve my stakeholders with their career firsts and challenges as they progressed on their own journey.”

I wanted to move away from focusing on conflict resolution and “bread and butter” HR and was driven to find new ways of making a difference, a way that had a positive, proactive approach.

Currently, I am in the phase of building the foundations.  I have created a business to compliment both my Yoga studio and my HR work in the name of SucSEED. At this stage I am working with clients from both of these spaces to continue to build, learn and stretch.

It has been really exciting to set up as a professional, doing what I love and feeling like I’m good at it! It is extremely satisfying to have people say YES!, step up sessions and sign up to information workshops. Their feedback to date has been amazing.

If you continue to follow my journey you will see online material, workshops, retreats and plenty of 1:1 coaching opportunities ahead. I’m reaching out to young executives and entrepreneurs alike to keep them ahead of their game and master that age old foe – work/life balance!

What’s my recipe for success?

  1. You need to create beliefs that get you were you want to be

  2. Know that you CAN have it all

  3. Be organised – every minute counts

  4. Find the opportunities

  5. Talk about your dreams

  6. Make them real

  7. Stay focused

tania tebbutt

Tania Tebbutt

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching