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What You Think About is What You Become

An aspect of our lives we always consider is can I really become the best version of myself & What does that really look like?

What you focus on is what you bring into your life, and what helps you to fulfil your dreams, aspirations and goals.

An important factor that needs to be looked at is how are my thoughts contributing to the person I am, or rather, the person I am striving to become? Are my thoughts working for me, or are they working against me?

Whilst this is a multifaceted question with many different layers, in essence your thoughts are the fundamental building blocks to achieving your greatest desires, and becoming the best version of yourself

Everything you do in life, whether it be in your career, relationships, or hobbies, starts with a simple idea regardless of what the circumstances might be. Some may call it useless thoughts, whereas some may refer to it as manifestation, we like to view it as a step in the right direction toward the endless possibilities of the person you can develop into through coaching...


In coaching we learn, three very important lessons to consider when trying to organise the priority of your ideas and feelings in order to propel you to the position you want to be in

1. Not Everything you think is useful

When things cross your mind in the current day we’re in, we really need to pay attention to what we let into our thoughts and into our minds. Especially with so much going on in the world and the rapid rate at which it can change. That is why it is so important to realise that not everything that goes on upstairs is useful, and could even be the exact opposite. (we dive deeper into this in the training we run at the International Coaching Institute)

Ever had a random thought at the weirdest of times about something in your past and spent a lot of time reflecting on it only for it to kill your productivity?

This is a clear cut example of how some notions, especially ones that have no right to hold that extent of merit or relevance in our daily lives can be destructive to our progression as an individual. Even those sparked by your favourite television programs and favourite social media sites could be doing more harm than you may realise.

The reality of how the minds work is, what you choose to routinely associate yourself with is what you tend to embody. When it comes to mindset coaching we learn, if you interact with a constant flow of negativity, inevitably you will personify negativity and the same goes for you when you surround yourself with positive experiences.

2. Coaching Principle #2: The More Energy You put into an idea the greater the potential

Energy and time are precious, and this is something addressed very early on in mindset coaching where coaches thoroughly focus on existing beliefs and patterns of thought that individuals possess. The more we tend to resist, there’s a higher chance certain ideas tend to persist and stick around like a bad smell.

Resisting the things that might make a difference in your life in the present or future, are limiting your abilities and are dramatically slowing your progression. It’s proven the less time you give to something, the likelihood it will develop into an afterthought is increasingly likely.

A prevalent life coaching principle is the ability to be able to address beliefs that are of a negative nature, firstly accepting they exist but also taking into account what way they might be stunting your development.

There is an interesting sequence of events that occur when finally making the decision to change the way you process information, and how you conduct your thinking moving forward. The negative thoughts you once had seem to hold way less power over you, your mood suddenly changes, your approach to daily activities transform into positive ones and there is seemingly a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

This is all achieved by a simple change in the direction of patterns of thoughts, and lays out the path to contribute your new and improved perspective. This commitment to positive upholding a positive approach and mind grants access to ideas that hold a sense power.


3. Education

The importance of education should never be understated, and anyone with an idea of the way coaching principles work would know that. Education can be found in any form such in a professional setting, a personal setting or even simply the approach to daily occurrences.

Our brains, like our stomachs, need to be fed and what you consume really dictates outcomes just as is with your health. To improve and develop our mindset, constant stimulation from an educational standpoint is vital to how we evolve and nurture ourselves. This approach and mindfulness toward education, determines the results we get out of this experience and assists to enlighten us in many ways

The best way to accomplish becoming the best version of yourself lies within you. Getting out of your own way is the easiest method to locate optimism in regard to your own thoughts and feelings. That's the beauty of coaching, it helps you get out of your own way and allows you to find something that makes you feel fulfilled and inspired.

If this piece has struck a nerve, or awoken something inside of you that you feel needs to change, there are methods put in place to guide you towards your goals and who you want to be. At the International Coaching Institute we offer courses that are flexible, connect you with likeminded individuals and strive to make a difference in your life.

If this is something that interests you and sparks your curiosity about coaching, click the link below to begin your journey towards becoming a successful coach