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Anne’s Awesome Adventure

Thank you TCI for the wonderful opportunity to share with this fabulous community of achievers

Anne Scholl

Anne Scholl Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

The past 7 months has very much been an adventure and I am honored to share my journey with the wider community, in the hope that others may gain inspiration and courage from my story.

I had been a huge fan of ‘self-help’ books for many years prior to starting with TCI and I had amassed quite the collection of books. I had even read most of them. I was good at making the start but would fall back into old behaviors and old thinking patterns. I kept thinking, “Why isn’t this working, what am I doing wrong”.  And then in July 2011 I received the phone call that was the catalyst that changed my life. My husband had been involved in a serious car accident, and like it or not my world was changing.  It was still another 18months before I saw an ad in a magazine for ‘The Coaching Institute’ and becoming a life coach and the moment I saw it I was intrigued. I was also more than ready to get out of the huge rut that my life had become.

I rang up and spoke to the wonderful Fiona M, who asked me a number of questions about what attracted me to life coaching. She asked me about my life goals and most of all she asked me about ‘me’. It was never about what she could sell me. I had to take a couple days to decide but in the end I couldn’t convince myself not to sign up. It was my first experience of saying “yes and figuring out how”. It was like Christmas receiving my welcome pack in the mail. I got straight into the CD’s, the manual and the activities and over the coming months as I waited to get to Foundation of Coaching Success weekend, I remember thinking “yeah, I got this sorted”…. I was in for a surprise!

I walked into Foundation of Coaching Success weekend at the end of March 2013 and proceeded to do a very good job of ‘overwhelm’ and had a mini meltdown. My continued gratitude goes to the crew who ‘coached’ me through this. I remember thinking that I wanted to run from the room screaming, however there was ‘something’ that kept me in the room, some ‘knowing’ that if I was truly committed to changing things (meaning me) that I needed to stay regardless of how I was currently feeling. Upon reflection, it was that Absolute Certainty that the Magnificent Joe Pane brought to the room that kept me there and I "knew" I wanted that certainty too!

“I loved that everything we did at Foundation of Coaching Success was done with volition, that it was designed to be our touchstone of certainty that we could take with us when we went back to our normal life”
Anne Scholl

Anne Scholl Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

That very first coaching session was the coolest thing I have ever done, and solidified for me that this is for me. I reflect back on it now and know that it made me realize that I wanted my life to actually mean something. A life of volition; not just passing through time. I came alive again at that FOCS weekend and I have a “F&%king Awesome’ badge to prove it.

And so, Monday morning after FOCS, the reality hit, dealing with the ‘old life challenges’ created in the past but with a new and improved MAP. There were challenges and ups and downs, and stretching and growing and some tears yet being hooked into the community via Facebook was my lifeline, my intravenous drip of positivity and support. Although I walk my own road, it is pretty awesome to get to share it with such an amazing bunch of people.

I have noticed that over the months as I have challenged myself to step up in the moment, to have a go, to mess it up, to always look for the learning, even in the ‘bad’ things that I am now ‘being’ the authentic version of myself and I am Living my Truth and in living that truth I gain even more insight and fall even more in love with ‘what’s possible’.

I believe the game changer for me was doing my NLP training in August this year. I finally felt like I had grown up not only as a person but as a coach. This was my first experience with having SP as a trainer and Wow what an experience. Her passion, her vision, her compassion and of course that famous direct approach…. I love it… what a role model.

For me, I am still working on the big picture vision of just where I want go on this journey. However I am 100% committed to looking for every opportunity that I can to serve, be it at my job, in my family, with friends or for my clients. It is about living who you want to BE in EVERY moment. I have noticed too, that when I step up and accept each of those challenges that the universe provides the reward, be it an insight, a secret heart’s desire or another opportunity to stretch, grow and learn. The ripples are endless, you just have to notice them.

Anne’s Awesome Adventure has really only just begun. If I can encourage you in anything, it would be to always ‘Say Yes and figure out how’, be grateful for everything even the muddy stuff, Model the excellence of Sharon, Joe and Johnnie and ‘Live your Truth’ by being who you need to BE for your very own adventure.

Anne Scholl

Anne Scholl

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching