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2014 Started With A Bang

Where to begin? Well, I first stumbled on TCI’s website back in late 2012 completely by accident, as I was looking for a coach for a friend

emmy petersson

Emmy Petersson

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

After realising that coaching was pretty awesome, I left my email on the website and got an invite for a free event in late 2012. I went along, on my own, and had no idea what to expect. Sitting here, more than a year later, I’m forever grateful that I followed my gut feeling and went, even if no one that I knew was going with me. I ended up having a blast that weekend and signed up for the Diploma with TCI.

I did my first formal training event with TCI in mid January of 2013 and it was even better than the public event I had previously attended. The friendships and connections formed that weekend have only deepened since then. The coaching skills and self-reflection opportunities have been endless during 2013 and I have loved every bit of it.

“PC (pre-coaching) I've been working in advertising, randomly landing there after years of looking for that job that would make me feel challenged and complete. Advertising was not really my thing, neither was finance, policy or many of the other things I had tried”

I loved meeting lots of people and working together to reach a goal or finish a project, but I never really liked the hard sales aspect and the internal politics. I had started to believe that I would never find that job that was for me. The fact that I had travelled far and wide from my native Sweden to follow my dreams and explore new worlds, left me feeling even more pressured to find that dream job to warrant being so far away from family and many of my closest friends. With coaching I found that career that challenged me and provided endless opportunities for growth and connecting with people. If you would have asked me even just 2 years ago, I would have never thought this was possible!

Due to my visa conditions during 2013, I was not allowed to start my own part time coaching business straight away, but that certainly did not stop me going out and serving clients as a coach. Instead, I made agreements with any clients that came across my path that instead of paying me for the coaching services provided, they would donate an agreed amount to a registered official charity of our choice. This meant I did not get paid a single dollar for all those hours of coaching, but I knew it was serving a higher purpose and focussed on paying it forward. During 2013 these coaching agreements actually raised almost $2000 to various charities across Australia and the world! If anything, this proved to me that you don’t need to have it all organised to go out there and make a difference *right now*.

I’m happy to say that 2014 started with a bang, where I was finally able to start up my own business! I’m setting up *EP Coaching & Consulting* to mainly support relocation and expat clients who struggle pre-, during or post a relocation. I’ve bundled my coaching skills and training from TCI up with my 12+ years of experience of travelling and relocating. This is a truly powerful combination that will serve many clients in the years to come.

Many people have told me through the years that life needs to be ‘either or’. I’ve *never* believed that to be true. Life in general (and career specifically) can be anything you want it to be, if you only dare challenge the norm and find your own way. My future is looking very bright at the moment. I’m building a global business that will support and make a difference in people’s life regardless of where they live. I’m creating a life with more flexibility for myself and the ones I love, where I can spend more time with my friends and family in Europe every year. I’m working on my first book about relocation mindset and am planning to publish it this year. I’m also exploring other areas where my coaching skills and experiences can serve a higher purpose.

My journey over the past year has not been straight forward or pretty at all times, but it’s always been worth it. If it was easy to live and build your dream, everyone would do it. I would attribute my success to date to my true dedication and will to continue to grow, my support team at home (especially my partner Trent who has put up with a full on schedule and supported me all the way) and my absolute belief that I can do anything I decide to do, as long as I truly back myself. TCI have provided amazing support, training and endless ‘aha moments’ for me in this past year and I doubt I’d be where I am today without their guidance!

So now it’s over to you. What’s that dream of yours? And when is the time to say ‘yes’ and go for it?

emmy petersson

Emmy Petersson

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching