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Personal Trainer and Life Coach Strategy

So back in June I did my Foundations of Coaching Success Training at The Coaching Institute. Initially I wasn’t noticing anything more than what I had read or heard about in my current role as a personal trainer. I have for a long time been developing myself through counselling and books and searching for a better version of me

What I ended up getting at the Foundations of Coaching Success Training was a strategy…. I have been able to put structure and value into my work as not only a personal trainer but also moving forward to be a coach.

This was the key to the lock I had been trying to pick.

"The Coaching Institute has helped me grow up. I am taking full responsibility for all my thoughts"
Personal Trainer and Life Coach Strategy - Linda Mancino

Linda Mancino

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

You see I have always coached, but it has been chaotic...

And although I have been renumerated for it handsomely, it has only because I have busted my arse (7 days a week at times) to get better results for my clients whilst they go out and have friggin’ eggs benedict at breakfast. I was missing something.

A couple of years ago I looked into coaching and came across The Coaching Institute and decided to believe the thoughts that I was having about it all being just fluff! So I put away the brochure and got busy playing a safe game a little more and hiding from myself!!

Finally I signed up after examining all the schools and found that The Coaching Institute’s follow up to be the best. I was about to call another school and sign with them but was followed up by Fiona and signed up there and then.

From June I have constantly put myself out there and had conversation after conversation with people to discover a deeper level of understanding.

I have 7 private clients, all of my Personal Trainer business as well, I have done a couple of corporate gigs and last weekend we (me and my absolutely most gracious and best friend in the whole world Sharon C, who is also a student from The Coaching Institute) ran our first mobile retreat. 2 days 2 nights down at Fairhaven going over the success principles, core needs, yoga and nutrition.

We received brilliant feedback that we had changed people’s lives and given them there power back. It felt amazing!

There have been moments of quiet desperation but my voices are now uplifting and friggin’ awesome. I use to care about other people’s opinions of me an awful lot and despite knowing that it is none of my business what other people think of me (and the fact that most people cannot give a crap anyway), I now really, really couldn’t care less, because if I don’t think I’m worthy then no one else should either.

"TCI, you have helped me grow up. I am taking full responsibility for all my thoughts and I am planting the seeds that make me a better contributor to society through my placement of myself in it . . ."

I have managed to go through all this whilst things around me have been pretty crazy……and I have absolutely owned none of anyone else’s crap.

Stuff that, I am not going to let my kids grow up with that standard and then wait till they are 40 plus to work it out.

Thank you.

Work in Progress…and that’s ok.


Linda was researching coaching schools for a long time and almost signed up with another school but chose TCI in the end because of the support she got from Fiona. Being a personal trainer she combined health and fitness with coaching and ultimately built a career around fitness coaching!

Personal Trainer and Life Coach Strategy - Linda Mancino

Linda Mancino

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching