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Coaching is who I am

I started my coaching journey in 2009 through reading and attending seminars run by Tony Robbins and others

Jacqui Grant

Jacqui Grant

Credentialed Master Practitioner of Coaching

My journey really took off in 2012 after contacting TCI and then again in 2013 when I made the commitment to myself.

My first impression of TCI was an awesome feeling of welcome and community, exactly what I was looking for. My intake weekend was in March 2013, which was an amazing time. I was utterly stretched and I grew so much. I also learnt to get over myself. After intake I set the intent to just coach and learn. My mind was like a sponge and I continually used the ‘say yes and work out how’ approach.

“As I write this now in July 2013, I have three hundred coaching hours, six paying clients and my own radio show called ‘Step Up and Break Free’ each Saturday morning on

I am also preparing to self-publish my second book, ‘Break Free’ which will lead into workshops and seminars. I self-published my first book for children ‘I Am Who I Am’ in 2005. My new business name is Jacqui Grant Consulting and my product range is Bearberry. I have chosen to reach as many people as I can and will do this through setting my niche as a motivational and leadership coach.

The most successful strategies I have personally found are to just go for it! You know when something feels right and as you listen to your inner most guidance and how it feels to you, just do it! I have also learnt to trust myself, to know when to seek support, to stick with my values, as well as know that I am constantly growing and changing. I have also found Facebook and putting myself out with passion, as well as being an inspiration to others has been my best marketing tool so far. I am still expanding that aspect of my business.

For anyone new to coaching, know that this journey is about you coming from your passion and that you will make mistakes, however ‘there are no mistakes only feedback’. So… just go for it! Give it everything you have. TCI has kept me going when I have wanted to stop, through their constant motivation, honesty and not to forget the abundance of courses and resources. Everyone I have met from TCI has an abundance of positive energy and through the experiences and understanding of what an amazing journey this really is.

Coaching is who I am.

Jacqui Grant - Life Coach, Business Owner, Author and Intuitive